Exhaust filter not reading correct after manual regen qith forscan

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DPF systems are designed to remove ninety-percent of carbon particles (soot) from diesel engine exhaust. DPF regen exhaust filter not reading correct after manual regen qith forscan happens when the trapped particulates heat up enough to combust and turn to ash. Select Toolbox-Powertrain-Service Funtions-DPF manual regeneration also, keep drilling down to Diesel particulate regeneration system- DPF manual regeneration.

Drove 60 miles still did not reset. Can a forced Regen damage a DPF? One or both of those will be changed to “Yes” 5. Continuing to operate the vehicle at this stage can ruin the DPF and cause other damage. Diesel Exhaust Particulate Filter Purpose and Function Diesel exhaust particulate filters (DPFs) are used in all light-duty diesel vehicles, since, to meet the exhaust emissions standards. Passive regeneration filters require no effort on the part of the vehicle.

Last refill I added the HotShot Diesel Extreme and it seemed to extend distance between regens. However, he also said, there is a possibility the DPF may get damaged after / during a manual regeneration. My only question is DPF said 40% before and exhaust filter not reading correct after manual regen qith forscan after completion is said 70% - so not sure if it managed to clear all of the soot out of the DPF but I think it did something!

If the DPF Lamp and Check Engine Lamp do not go out after a complete manual regeneration, contact your authorized Caterpillar® dealer. The engine runs at a steady rpm and fan clutch is put into 100% speed for max air flow. If the journey is a bit stop/start the regeneration may not complete and the warning light will come on to show that the filter is partially blocked.

· I have 10,000K on Dodge Ram Ecodiesel. All warnings went away after 20 miles. Any advice is greatly appreciated. My new truck did a regen at 250 miles and again today at 350 miles. Most of the issues people are having are a result of the after treatment systems, not with so much with the engine itself. If regeneration attempts are unsuccessful, DTC P2463 may set exhaust filter not reading correct after manual regen qith forscan as a result of soot accumulation in the diesel particulate filter (DPF).

4: Exhaust Gas Temperature after Particle Filter. But no smoke on mine, no fuss, nothing. Maintain your current driving condition until. · 1 A very low reading would indicate a hole in the core or no core (a hole is sufficient, and ingenious mechanics could do this via a port). Blocks - 08 Select Blocks 0 at once. Cleaning the exhaust filter, sometimes referred to as regeneration, eliminates soot that accumulates during normal operation.

· After you download the license file go back into FORScan to the steering wheel icon and push button at the top to point FORScan to wherever you downloaded the license file to on your computer. How do you reset a DPF warning light? It will cost 8 dollars. The first regen was after towing 7000 lbs about 100 miles. Safely drive at highway speeds to remedy. 7L – Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning SomeDiesel equipped F-Super Duties may experience Drivability and/or an Illuminated wrench light due to a restricted DPF that is unable to be cleaned through normal customer regeneration or dealer service regeneration procedures. The built-up soot is thereby removed as gaseous carbon dioxide.

Exhaust filter cleaning can occur in several ways. · Here in this video, I’m performing an Operator Commanded Regen to clean my Exhaust Filter (DPF). As a result, the engine oil has to be changed which will cost an additional 9. What does the warning light mean on DPF filter? The DPF must be cleaned every 150,000 to 300,000 miles to remove accumulated ash. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is part of your exhaust and controls the &39;soot&39; that would otherwise be expelled from the system.

The exhaust was popping away and you could really feel the temperature from it. My exhaust temperatures are increasing to the 4-500CF) range according to Forscan; I&39;ve run a manual regeneration. Connect your hardware to vehicle,and then launch Ford IDS software. After the hour it still read filter %100 full.

I started adding Enerburn at 358,773 miles. There are loads of other t. I was having to do a parked regen after every 800 miles or so. After diagnosing the car, he stated a manual regeneration needs to be forced.

2: Exhaust Gas Temperature before Turbo Charger MVB 099. Normal speed exhaust filter not reading correct after manual regen qith forscan is around 70-75 mph. I also have what appears to be pirated ford software that came with an OBD tool that I bought but I would not recommend it because it is not stable and probably not legal. At about 85% soot capacity and above, the DPF will need to be either removed and cleaned, or replaced. I have the exhaust filter % screen enabled on mine and have done a couple of manual regens with it.

· Read:(Ford IDS Software Installation Guide (Original & Crack)) 2. I couldn’t continue my trip to Colorado without getting service - but unfortunately it was Jan 1st. In addition, if your vehicle is.

A diagnostic tool is required to force regeneration. How to reset/regenerate/clear your DPF warning light (Diesel Particulate Filter) The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is part of your exhaust and controls the &39;soot&39; that would otherwise be expelled from the system. The filter must also be cleaned if a fuel injector or turbo problem causes contamination with engine oil or non-combusted diesel. Active regeneration.

. Just an FYI, with the factory option enabled the only time you can command a manual regen is when the filter % is above a certain threshold (I think ~ 85% or 90%), the vehicle is warmed up and the shifter is in park. Your vehicle may not have all the features or options mentioned in this manual. Refer to the owner&39;s manual to learn which type of diesel particulate filter is in your vehicle. Job was done yesterday, and this morning i logged in to forscan android, for data logging.

I&39;m not an experienced mechanic so may have to look for someone to do it for me. Every parked DPF filter regen is time spent not moving. .

It should be close enough to the others you&39;ve seen not to be an issue. When the soot loading in the filter reaches a set limit (about 45%) the ECU can make small adjustments to the fuel injection timing to increase the exhaust temperature and initiate regeneration. Many cars don&39;t get the right sort of use for passive regeneration to work so car manufacturers build in ‘active’ regeneration where the engine control software senses that the filter’s getting blocked and injects extra fuel into the engine to raise the exhaust temperature and trigger regeneration. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. I have F650 with a 6. I also use ForScan but they do not support manual regen on the 3. 6L - DIC message SERVICE EXHAUST correct FLUID SYSTEM - SEE OWNERS MANUAL. · The exhaust filter clogged up and would not do an auto regen.

Therefore, you should pay careful attention to the instructions that pertain to qith just your vehicle. I saw that on videos with ford static regeneration. Each extra exhaust system regen decreases the service life of DPF filters, leading to premature replacement — or even serious damage. 2 A very high reading would indicate the DPF has been mapped out, or the DP sensor is faulty, but the core is present & badly blocked. • Exhaust System — Regeneration In Process Exhaust Filter XX% Full — This message indicates that the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is self-cleaning. I have the SCT Livewire to monitor the DEF usage, % soot, distance since regen, etc but most of the PIDS don&39;t seem to work. After the 50 min procedure, engine went back to idle, smooth.

3: Exhaust Gas Temperature before Particle Filter MVB 099. You may have noticed that modern diesels no longer leave you in a cloud of smelly black smoke when they accelerate off. 0 L PSD, CC, DRW, long bed, B&W drop ball hitch, Firestone Ride-rite air bags. Caterpillar recommends a manual regeneration (or parked regeneration). Vehicles operated. 2 days ago · SSM 47321 –– F-Super Duty – 6.

I had just towed some cows to the sale barn and it did the regen after that. FORScan will restart after this and should then show you have an extended license in the steering wheel icon page in FORScan and you’re ready to program. The fuel filters all work in the same way, it&39;s just a few pipes, electric plug and a few bolts. It wasnt required but I was curious after my recent egr problem. · There is no driver initiated manual regen option for DPFs unfortunately. Poor fuel mileage.

· Sensor 4 - No standard location specified, possibly after NOx control equipment; Note: the above are based on a generic sample vehicle and may not apply to your specific configuration, for exact measurement points refer to the vehicle&39;s factory manual: Engine Exhaust Flow Rate. I never seen an exhaust regeneration message nor have I ever while driving this vehicle. The warning message that popped up was ‘Exhaust Filter 100% Full- Service Needed see dealer’. If anyone done anything similar please share your tips. · Regen cycle is a minor issue, but I&39;ve read more disturbing stuff about soot/carbon accumulation that could make this truck quite expensive to repair in the long haul. How to reset/regenerate/clear your DPF warning light (Diesel Particulate Filter) How it works and why the light may come on.

My odometer shows now 370,817, another 8,242 miles. email protected. This process of burning is called regeneration. Warning if you have not done a parked regen, the engine will get real hot and stinky and I&39;ve had them take up to 40 minutes to regen. The Particle Filter Load should be as low as possible (close to 0 %) Meas. · Emissions-reducing exhaust filters in aftertreatment systems, also known as diesel particulate filters, or DPFs, require periodic cleaning.

read more. How often should the DPF be cleaned? The exhaust temperature increased, and i was expecting smoke, white, black, grey, whatever. The next parked regen was required 398 miles later at 359,171 after 14 hours idle, then 3,404 miles later at 362,575 after 11 hours idle and that was the last parked regen required so far. Manual Regeneration (or Parked Regeneration) For a manual regeneration, all of the following conditions must be met. But even a forced regen will not work if soot levels have grown so high they have overwhelmed the DPF.

and exhaust after-treatment system to cleanse the filter to remove the trapped PM and restore the system to normal operating condition. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regen. · They said I could just drive the truck to clean the exhaust filter so I took it on the express way for about an hour. Regeneration may happen one of three ways: passive, active, or forced. A warning light usually shows up indicating it is time to literally burn out the accumulated soot. This code should only be exhibited in diesel powered vehicles. Warning that it will reduce MPH t.

Exhaust filter not reading correct after manual regen qith forscan

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