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Helps to have a suffix trailing your name. The 991 was designed to be pdk the engine was designed for pdk. Porsche Boxster (981) PDK WM 7. 8 RS instead of the. 1sec quicker to 100, 8% more economical and produces 10% less CO2. 0sec with Sports Chrono Plus), 13% thriftier (at 10. “Aero kits” is also a keyword to lookout for, this means that the car is equipped with sportier bumpers and spoiler. GT3s and Turbos for sale outnumber base Carreras (and even S coupes).

That left me with options such as the Carrera 4, 4s or GTS. . · For info the pdk in the 997. I believe the extra cost over the Carrera 4 / 4S at the. Only Turbo cars come with the side vents and are available in both coupe an cabrio body style. 0 or the mighty 911 R, and with PDK it’s a little too similar to the much-inflated 991 GT3 RS.

2 Turbo or Turbo S, you can opt for the High Torque Aggressive map, which will also require you to purchase a PDK relearn. With pricing starting from 4,650, and surely going up to cross 0,000, loaded with options, why on earth would you want to buy a 997 GT3 or RS for. However the labor together with a Porschetag might come at a cost. Each of these blocks can come in various sizes and specs depending on the model, mainly 3.

· If you&39;re surprised there&39;s an argument against the manual, you haven&39;t driven a PDK-equipped Porsche in recent years. · Ever since I can remember Ive always wanted a Porsche 911. My videos are for enter. 2 owns many outstanding features because it is improved from the Porsche 997. Porsche manual transmission vs PDK transmission. The design of 997. Reliability issues will always be at the back of my mind.

At first, I was debating whether to go with a manual or PDK and I chose PDK because both me and wife can both enjoy driving the vehicle. See more results. 2 All wheel drive + Sport Plus modes in GT Silver over black with grey cross stitch custom all leather, Adaptive Power Seats Sunroof, tach, timer, auto dim rear view mirror Bose, Cell, Navigation Heated seats C4S Sport modes, sport plus, shock + sport PCCM 997. 2 introduced in the fall of for model year at last did away with the IMS bearing and introduced direct-injection and Porsche’s brilliant 997.2 manual vs pdk PDK gearbox. Sport Chrono certainly serves a function on the PDK models (mandatory in my opinion) with the "SPORT PLUS" button that engages launch control, a feature.

When I test drove the car last week I absolutely hated the buttons on the stock PDK steering wheel and while being able to manually shift with the stick shift was a slight improvement, it was the opposite of how a sequential shifter works. Is a Porsche manual better than a manual? Cabriolets always seem to be at a lower price point than the coupes and it is the buyer’s discretion whether to have the convertible option. Pros and cons 997.2 of each are: 997. 2 features a Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe which translates to Porsche double-clutch transmission or PDK – now that’s when you really need an acronym! Some come equipped with a sunroof.

See full list on foreignaffairsmotorsports. 6 second slower to 60 mph than an identical car fitted with the PDK transmission. Porsche Cayman (981) PDK WM 3. View Photos. That is, until he test drove a Porsche Cayman S with a PDK and brought it home.

Here we proudly present a gorgeous and hard to find Porsche 997 Carrera 4S generation 2 with factory fitted aerokit-cup, among an array of other desirable optional extras. Convertibles / Cabriolets- great open-air performance driving, also good to haul large things with the roof open. 2 cars with the optional PDK transmission, or 997 Turbo models with a manual transmission are quickly approaching collector car status. 2 Designed to work with the Porsche 997 Turbo Gen2, the Syvecs 997.

· If you&39;re getting a manual, I don&39;t think there is a huge difference between 997. As a result of the mid-generation upgrade the Turbo received a completely new 6 cylinder 3. 0l version, but that’s only reserved for the limited edition GT3 RS 4. On the flip side, even though I hate tiptronc (in any car) if you can live with a tip, is the discount at buy in going to match the discount at sale time?

I really couldn&39;t have been any happier, Going through the yorkshire dales and onto the boat in Cairnryan back into Belfast around 12 hours after id left. whereas I now live between 4-6K+ RMPs in PDK manual mode. And as for the manual vs pdk debate. The felt like a Buick. And that’s with the manual. 0L GT3 with a manual is pretty much an attainable version of the coveted 997 GT3 RS 4. Well it depends on your personality and use, but the majority will say the Tiptronic is a very old school style automatic and is the one to avoid. · Tested: Porsche 911 Carrera 4S PDK.

While the earlier Tiptronic cars aren’t particularly desirable, later 997. After the update i could only say that it approaches 991 levels of smoothness even at low speeds and stop amd go traffic. 2 PnP kit brings a new level of engine management control to the 997.

If you’re uncertain about updating firmware, COBB have created a useful step by step COBB firmware guide. Downsides are the fabric roof that might not be secure for everyone&39;s neighborhood, and cabriolets are heavier and less stiff than coupes, so track minded people tend to ignore this body variant. 2 C2S, and tbh, it all depends on where you use the car. PorscheTurbo/ Turbo S PDK (These vehicles support the Aggressive High Torque map) 2. But the PDK is 15km/h faster than the old auto (at 300km/h), 0. Read a review and see pictures of the How to: Launch a Porsche 911 Carrera S Manual and PDK at Car. · I purchased my CPO C2 PDK thru a local dealer and I love it.

2 manual coupes has turned into an almost complete drought. 2 (facelift) and is currently being used on the current generation of 911s (9). 2 Carrera comes with the PDK 7-speed gearbox with shift paddles, heated electric Leather Seats, Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), PCM 3. 2 Turbo S can NOT be bought with a manual transmission, only PDK (Max miles should be no more than 27,000 miles). The bottom line for me is that Porsche has developed its PDK to the point it&39;s so good, a manual transmission is unnecessary. When first driving the vehicle with shift paddles I felt I was losing the taste of a real Porsche and came with a little regret.

And don&39;t forget Porscheis German engineering at its best and can withstand those high miles if maintained well. PDK Transmission The PDK, or Porsche Doppelkupplung Getriebe, is a high-tech automatic sequential transmission that features double-clutch, or "twin-clutch" technology. If it&39;s all town use then. 2 better than 991? Since then, he’s owned a few PDK-equipped cars, including a 911 Turbo S and GT3. 1 - can find one in manual. · Learn more about the How to: Launch a Porsche 911 Carrera S Manual and PDK - Article. I really dont know whether to go for a gen 1 in manual or a gen 2 in PDK.

There are 3 transmissions to be had with the 997, the 6 speed manual (available through all the years), the Tiptronic (available on 997. There’s also a 4. Only vehicles equipped with a PDK gearbox qualify for this flash. 2 is better than its current electric steering. There is no good or bad body style to go for, but make sure what you choose you&39;ll be happy with. Porsche 911 C4S PDK 997. During this period Porschedecided to upgrade their engine and resolve all known faults to something more reliable and easier to fix.

Ignore the wheels, spoilers, and bumpers for the time being, these are reversible modifications that can be done to any 911. Porsche 911: Manual vs PDK gearbox We compare manual and PDK Porsche 911s on track, and analyse the differences between the two. Ever since I can remember Ive always wanted a Porsche 911.

Despite my relative 997.2 manual vs pdk youth, when it comes to driving I like to think I fall firmly into the ‘traditionalist’ category; a recent car purchase sees me driving around in something bereft of power steering, anti-locking brakes or any form of electronic driver control. It also goes without saying that something with a service history and low number of owners is ideal, but again Porsches are considered as toys and often get traded a lot between hands with owners giving them little use. · Kucinski himself is like a lot of us. Porsche Carrera (991) PDK WM 10.

Besides, Porsche engineers say a PDK works better than a manual with the company’s latest turbocharged flat-fours and flat-sixes. 2, consider the throttle response always on "SPORT" setting and sharp, no off comfort setting, which in my opinion shouldn&39;t belong in a 911 in the first place. What is Porsche PDK transmission?

The manual Carrera S is 9km/h faster, 0. In a non-Sport Chrono manual 997. It was thoroughly developed by Porsche&39;s many racing programs around the world, and it seems to be getting better and better with every new Porsche. 997.2 manual vs pdk 2 are 2 great options if you are interested in a semi-new Porsche 911. 2 PDK - S7Plus Code: S7Plus-P997. Tend to keep their value more than a similar equipped convertible. Remember though, it’s the other way around in Turbo/Carrera models.

2 engines were simpler designs with 40% fewer parts than its predecessor and has developed few reported hiccups and certainly no pattern of catastrophic failures. If not, allow us to fill you in: buy, buy, buy! Porsche Carrera (991) 4GTS PDK WM Should you have any questions about PDK tuning, or any other motor vehicle queries, please contact us at Foreign Aff.

Requiring three pedals and two feet to operate, it originated with 5 speeds, then 6 and even 7 on modern Porsches. 8l are available. Besides the styling, the main reason many consider getting into Porscheownership is the engine layout and the sound that the flat 6 makes. The firmness of both clutches are increased, which adds the benefit of decreasing the delay in engaging the clutch, which gives you a firmer ge. So if you’re not a garage monkey, I would recommend spending a little more to get something solid and sound. · The 997. solid, smooth, not real quick, and well, underwhelming. 1 interior buttons are known to get that "sticky" feeling due to the heat melting the plastic to a soft compound and would eventually need to get replaced.

It requires the purchase of an Accessport V3. I also preferred the power delivery of a natural aspirated motor (rather than a Turbo), and the GTS delivered that 997.2 manual vs pdk sweet spot! The ONLY thing I have noticed to date is a. No im not pulling anybodies legs i am just sharing my own experience after the update. Porsche&39;s manual transmission is the venerated, praised, and desired choice by many purists and enthusiasts around the world. · Youtube&39;s Nick Murry&39;s most recent video is a comparison of a Porsche 911 Carrera equipped with PDK vs.

You can tell its a facelift (997. . · Have you been following the 997 Turbo market?

997.2 manual vs pdk

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